Making a difference since 1992

Founded in 1992 in Växjö, Sweden, Bläck & Co is all about creativity, good design, and strong connections. We start our communication from the heart of your brand, packaging messages with creative ideas that touch emotions and drive results. Our creative agency, with offices in Växjö and Stockholm, helps clients with everything from brand strategies to implementation.

Our experienced team specializes in both traditional and digital marketing. We value long-term partnerships where everyone contributes. Over the years, we have established enduring collaborations with several esteemed brands, both local and global.

Great communication often begins with a good conversation. If you’re curious about what we can do for you, reach out to our account manager to book a meeting. We’re here to make your success our priority.

We think so that others can feel

Our expertise includes strategy, creation, and activation. Offering premium services in all marketing areas, we customize solutions to address your communication needs.

At Bläck, we prioritize long-term relationships, working closely with you to shape your brand and meet the needs of your customers. Building emotional connections with different target groups is a tough but crucial task, as it significantly impacts their choices. Together, we can navigate this journey and leave an imprint that sticks in people’s hearts and minds.

Our brand journey toolbox

We craft impactful content that resonates strongly. Merging creativity with expertise across disciplines, we fuel our work with big ideas. Tailoring our toolbox to each client and project, we guarantee a lasting impact that earns you recognition and a solid position.


A solid strategy is the compass for your marketing success. We craft brand strategies and visual identities from scratch, guiding our clients through their entire brand journey. Together, we carve rewarding routes and make a real impact.


Ads, campaigns, brand films, photos – you name it, we create it. Whether it’s boosting your brand, engaging audiences, or driving sales, we stay on point and adapt to market trends.


No activation, no impact – plain and simple. We connect strategy, ideas, and creation to seamless distribution customized for your target groups, finding the right channel for every medium.

Let’s get a feel for your brand!

Our trophy collection

We believe in always striving for our next big success. However, bragging about previous accomplishments is just too much fun. We’re also very proud that, despite being a small creative agency, we can occasionally outshine the industry giants and snatch a few prizes.

A selection of awards and nominations:

Balco AB
Sweden’s best annual report, category Small Cap 2017. Bläck created the sustainability report within the annual report

Bläck & Co / PM & Vänner / Arkitektbolaget
The Swedish Design Award 15 – Småland / Small Land (Silver)

Galvin Green
The Swedish Design Award – Web

Henrik Stenson Eyewear
The Swedish Design Award 17 – Photo

Impecta Fröhandel
The Swedish Design Award 2020 – Film

Impecta Fröhandel
The Publishing Prize 2020 – Films promoting products and services

KnowledgeCotton Apparel
The Swedish Design Award – Photo (Gold)

KnowledgeCotton Apparel
The Swedish Design Award – Brand book

The furniture industry’s advertising award, the Piedestal

Paper The Publishing Prize 2021 – A smarter paper choice (Silver)

Paper The Publishing Prize 2021 – Informational printed matter

Linnaeus University
NUAS 10 – Best student recruitment film in the Nordic countries

PM & Vänner
The Swedish Design Award – Web

Sweden Art Glass
The Publishing Prize 2021 – Sites promoting destinations

Volvo Construction Equipment
The Swedish Design Award 2018 photo exhibition for Volvo CE in Braås – ”The image of the industry”

Volvo Construction Equipment
Volvo CE Communicators Award 2015, 2016, 2017

Årets Designstrategi
An award presented by Designregion Småland. The Swedish Industrial Design Foundation, Linnaeus University, regional associations in Jönköping, Kalmar and Kronoberg counties and the municipalities of Lessebo, Nybro, Sävsjö, Värnamo and Växjö.



Some clients from recent years